RBox24 Console

Privela addon is compatible with Prestashop version 1.6.1 - 1.7.

Setup Steps

1. Open your backoffice and install Privela addon.

Use addons marketplace to get your plugin. Menu Modules -> Modules & Services.

2. Configure Privela.

Privela Configuration Page

a) Enter Administrator's email

It is required to get access to management console and to receive important information about module operation, performance and status. It is important email exists otherwise you won't receive management console access information.

b) Enter promo code

(Cart Rule Code or Catalog->Discounts).
Cart Rule Code (voucher) is used to track cart recovery success rate and boost recovery. Once valid code is provided and module is enabled process of monitoring carts abandonment starts and recovery emails are being sent to customers. Just after module starts collecting traffic first welcome email is sent with management console access details. Once code gets invalid an email notification is sent to the administrator and sending recovery emails is suspended until existing or new code becomes valid again.

c) Enter From email

Used to send recovery messages to customers who abandoned their carts. It is important that from email exists. Just after successful setup we will send a confirmation request to this email address. After successful confirmation sending messages will be activated and we will start monitoring process performance.

d) Save configuration

Confirm Sender Signature

Confirm Sender Signature

It is necessary to confirm sender's signature. Without confirmation system can't send messages in the name of the shop. Confirmation request email is sent by Postmark mailing system.

Important Notice!!!
RBox24 system starts performing signup process only if it observes any traffic on the shop where Privela addon is installed. If you didn't receive welcome message together with signature confirmation request generate some traffic. Log in, log out, put items into shopping cart, remove items from cart.